2016-04-22  Giuseppe BilottaStatic-const-ify ICD loader info strings master
2016-04-22  Giuseppe BilottaSuppress warning due to shadowed variable name
2016-03-03  Vincent DanjeanRelease 2.2.9
2016-03-03  Vincent DanjeanAdd support for OPENCL_VENDOR_PATH envvar
2015-12-19  Vincent DanjeanMerge remote-tracking branch 'github/master'
2015-12-19  Vincent DanjeanReport the correct supported OpenCL version when asked
2015-12-18  Brice VideauUpdate clGetICDLoaderInfoOCLICD to report version 2.1.
2015-12-17  Vincent DanjeanRelease 2.2.8 (support OpenCL 2.1)
2015-12-17  Brice VideauOrder for OpenCL 2.1 is finally known.
2015-11-20  Vincent DanjeanFix guards in ocl_icd.h
2015-11-20  Vincent Danjeanimprove clGetExtensionFunctionAddress{,ForPlatform}
2015-11-20  Vincent DanjeanAvoid to hardcode at several place the required OpenCL...
2015-11-20  Vincent DanjeanRemove 2.0 OpenCL headers
2015-11-20  Vincent DanjeanUpdate copyright notices
2015-11-20  Vincent DanjeanUse internal symbols to avoid conflict with loaded ICD
2015-11-20  Vincent Danjean[test] avoid external problems in tests
2015-11-20  Brice VideauICD should be compliant regarding extensions.
2015-11-20  Brice VideauOpenCL headers needlessly include EGL headers.
2015-11-20  Brice VideauCL/cl_egl.h is needed to build EGL interfaces.
2015-11-20  Brice VideauFixed typo in clEnqueueAcquireEGLObjectsKHR definition.
2015-11-20  Brice VideauSwitched khronos headers to OpenCL 2.1.
2015-11-17  Brice VideauAdded OpenCL 2.1 as comments.
2015-11-17  Brice VideauFixed indentation.
2015-11-17  Brice VideauAdded missing clGetKernelSubGroupInfoKHR.
2015-11-17  Brice VideauAdded missing EGL entries.
2015-06-09  Vincent Danjeancleanup doc
2015-06-09  Vincent DanjeanExplicitly set the revision date in the documentation
2015-06-08  Vincent DanjeanNew release
2015-06-08  Vincent DanjeanAlso use real prototype in weak test functions
2015-06-08  Vincent DanjeanRelease 2.2.6
2015-06-08  Vincent DanjeanImprove documentation (OCL_ICD_PLATFORM_SORT and OCL_IC...
2015-06-08  Vincent Danjeanallows to avoid the platform sort and extends the testsuite
2015-06-07  Vincent DanjeanFix and improve testsuite
2015-06-06  Vincent DanjeanRelease 2.2.5
2015-06-06  Vincent Danjean[BUG] call the function when the return type is void
2015-06-06  Vincent DanjeanCorrectly handle clGetDeviceIDs in generator and tests
2015-06-06  Vincent DanjeanSort platforms in one pass
2015-05-19  Giuseppe BilottaSort platforms by number of GPU, CPU and ALL devices
2015-05-19  Giuseppe BilottaCount GPU, CPU and ALL devices on newly inserted platforms
2015-05-19  Giuseppe BilottaRemove useless vendor_icd.first_platform
2015-05-19  Giuseppe BilottaWhitespace cleanup
2015-05-19  Giuseppe BilottaFix a few typos
2015-05-18  Vincent DanjeanRelease 2.2.4
2015-05-18  Vincent DanjeanFix initialization in case of default platform use
2015-05-18  Vincent DanjeanImprove tests
2015-05-18  Vincent Danjeanavoid loading ICD at library init time
2015-05-18  Vincent DanjeanAvoid using system-wide vendors files at test time
2014-10-06  Brice VideauConsistency.
2014-10-05  Vincent DanjeanRelease 2.2.3
2014-10-05  Vincent DanjeanFix numbers in unknown members of dispatch table to...
2014-10-05  Vincent DanjeanRelease 2.2.2
2014-10-05  Vincent DanjeanAvoid using types not supported by OpenCL headers in...
2014-10-05  Vincent DanjeanAvoid warnings with 2.0 OpenCL headers when using 1...
2014-10-01  Vincent DanjeanRelease 2.2.1
2014-10-01  Vincent Danjeanadd official Khronos OpenCL headers into repo
2014-09-26  Vincent DanjeanRelease 2.2.0
2014-09-26  Vincent DanjeanBump versions
2014-09-26  Vincent DanjeanBug fix in code path rarely used
2014-09-26  Vincent DanjeanInterface 2.0
2014-09-01  Aaron WatryDon't read past the potential end of the lib_path string
2014-09-01  Aaron WatryFix directory resource leak
2014-05-22  Brice VideauCommented 2.0 OpenCL API.
2014-05-22  Brice VideauAdded up to date headers package.
2014-05-22  Brice VideauGenerator can process 2.0 functions.
2014-05-21  Brice VideauAdded OpenCL 2.0 functions. Hopefully at the right...
2014-04-01  Vincent DanjeanRemove -Werror for AM_CPPFLAGS by default
2013-12-22  Vincent DanjeanRelease 2.1.3
2013-12-03  Vincent DanjeanRefactor code for selection of default platform
2013-12-03  Vincent Danjean[build] add tests for default platform selection
2013-12-02  Vincent DanjeanAll generated file ends with "_gen" suffix (but install...
2013-12-02  Vincent DanjeanRewrote initialization comments
2013-11-20  Brice VideauIn case a NULL platform is passed to the loader, the...
2013-11-20  Brice VideauIf we have no valid platforms non can be valid.
2013-11-20  Brice VideauMoved some declarations to the header as they are neede...
2013-10-23  Vincent DanjeanRelease 2.1.2
2013-10-23  Vincent DanjeanAlso check for NULL events
2013-10-23  Vincent DanjeanRefactor code and compilation fix in clGetGLContextInfoKHR
2013-10-23  Brice VideauAdded platform checking for clGetGLContextInfoKHR.
2013-10-23  Brice VideauCode cleanup.
2013-10-23  Brice Videaucl_platform_id s provided by users to clCreateContext...
2013-10-23  Brice VideauCheck for platform validity. Could be improved.
2013-10-23  Brice VideauIndentation fix
2013-10-22  Vincent DanjeanRelease 2.1.1
2013-10-22  Vincent DanjeanFix missing NULL argument handling in clCreateContext
2013-10-02  Vincent DanjeanRelease 2.1.0
2013-10-02  Vincent DanjeanRefactor generated code
2013-10-01  Brice VideauAdded NULL pointers handling, should not segfault anymo...
2013-07-24  Vincent DanjeanRelease 2.0.4
2013-07-24  Vincent DanjeanBy default, show all compile commands
2013-06-22  Vincent DanjeanFix configure.ac for automake 1.13
2013-06-20  Brice VideauInclude guard for ocl_icd.h
2013-05-28  Vincent DanjeanRelease 2.0.3
2013-05-28  Vincent DanjeanFix PATH for "make installcheck"
2013-03-28  Brice VideauSmall potential bugfix and hopefull norm interpretation...
2013-02-12  Vincent DanjeanUpdate NEWS file
2013-02-11  Vincent Danjeanicd_generator: still cleanup
2013-02-11  Vincent Danjeanrefactor icd_generator
2013-02-11  Vincent Danjeancleanup icd_generator
2013-02-11  Vincent DanjeanMerge branch 'master' of git+ssh://scm.forge.imag.fr...
2013-02-11  Vincent DanjeanAdd clTerminateContextKHR in testsuite