2008-03-31  Giuseppe BilottaUnit tests for Literate Haskell litprog
2008-03-31  Giuseppe Bilottasupport Literate Haskell
2008-03-31  Giuseppe BilottaUnit tests for CWEB
2008-03-31  Giuseppe Bilottasupport CWEB (literate programming for C)
2008-03-31  Giuseppe BilottaUnit tests for Knuth's WEB
2008-03-31  Giuseppe Bilottasupport Knuth's WEB (literate programming for Pascal)
2008-03-31  Giuseppe Bilottabiglot: extra states get appended instead of being...
2008-03-31  Giuseppe Bilotta'documentation' monoglot
2008-03-31  Giuseppe BilottaUnit tests for metafont mfmp
2008-03-31  Giuseppe BilottaUnit tests for metapost
2008-03-31  Giuseppe Bilottaadd support for metafont and metapost
2008-03-31  Giuseppe Bilottabiglot: generic class for polyglots with two glots... biglot
2008-03-31  Giuseppe BilottaFix Pascal quoting master
2008-03-24  Robin Luckey[FIX] For --individual, move filenames to end of line...
2008-03-24  rootohcount option -i or --individual added
2008-03-24  Robin Luckey[FIX] Whitespace cleanups
2008-03-24  rootSupport for DCL command files
2008-03-14  Robin LuckeyMerge branch 'cncpp'
2008-03-14  ciaranmsplit cncpp into c and cpp
2008-03-14  Robin LuckeyMerge branch 'pike'
2008-03-14  Henrik GrubbstromUnit tests for Pike.
2008-03-14  Henrik GrubbstromAdded detector and parser for Pike (pike.ida.liu.se/).
2008-03-14  fperradMerge branch 'infiles'
2008-03-14  Henrik GrubbstromUnit tests for .in-files.
2008-03-14  Henrik GrubbstromAdded disambiguator of *.in-files.
2008-03-14  fperrad*.t and *.pod are well-known extensions for Perl
2008-03-14  Giuseppe Bilottatypo in debug message
2008-03-14  Robin Luckey[FIX] Add unit test for C quoting bug fix
2008-03-14  Giuseppe BilottaC/C++/C# have single-quoted strings
2008-03-14  Giuseppe Bilottaadd .ltx as LaTeX extension
2008-03-14  Robin Luckey[FIX] Ensure that temp directories are cleaned up in...
2008-02-27  Robin Luckey[CHANGE] Rename Fortran nice_names so that they sort...
2008-02-27  Robin LuckeyMerge branch 'smalltalk'
2008-02-27  Paolo Bonziniadd support for smalltalk
2008-02-27  Jason RiedyBasic Fortran support.
2008-02-08  Steffen MuellerTests for perl POD.
2008-02-08  Steffen MuellerSupport for perl POD docs.
2008-02-08  Steffen MuellerAdd support for Perl POD docs (as comments).
2008-02-04  Robin Luckey[FIX] Haskell was missing a declaration for its nice_name.
2008-02-04  Robin Luckey[FIX] Gem installer was broken. Add ARCH directory...
2008-01-31  Robin LuckeyMerge branch 'patch'
2008-01-31  maciekAdded support for XSL Transformations (.xsl) and XML...
2008-01-31  Robin Luckey[FIX] Some improvements to the Gem installer.
2008-01-31  Robin Luckey[FIX] polyglots.c is a generated file, and should not...
2008-01-31  Robin Luckey[NEW] Add *.latex as a possible TeX file extension
2008-01-31  maciekAdded support for TeX
2008-01-28  Reinier LamersHaskell support, take two
2008-01-25  Robin Luckey[NEW] Add *.ads as an Ada extension
2008-01-25  maciek.h++ and .hxx extensions for C++ are now supported
2008-01-16  Jürg BilleterAdd support for Vala source code
2008-01-14  Robin Luckey[FIX] Clean up/minimize VisualBasic sample code for... 1.0.0
2008-01-14  Josh TriplettREADME: Replace outdated FSF postal address with URL
2008-01-14  Robin Luckey[FIX] bin/ohcount generates incorrect list of filenames...
2008-01-12  Robin Luckey[CHANGE] Many revisions to Rdoc. Change namespace of...
2008-01-08  Robin LuckeyInitial Revision