2008-11-25  Per OlofssonAdd PnP IDs from Giuseppe Bilotta: master origin/master
2008-11-21  Giuseppe BilottaNew id: HP Mobile Data Protection Sensor
2008-11-21  Giuseppe BilottaNew id: ENE CIR Receiver
2008-11-21  Giuseppe BilottaNew id: another Synaptics touchpad model
2008-11-21  Giuseppe BilottaNew id: Intel 82802 Firmware Hub Device
2008-11-21  Giuseppe BilottaNew id: PCI Express bus root
2008-02-01  Per Olofssonadd .gitignore with *~ pattern
2008-02-01  Per Olofsson* Really add debian/watch this time.
2007-12-23  Per Olofssonreleasing version 0.1-3 debian/0.1-3
2007-12-23  Per Olofsson* Bump Standards-Version to 3.7.3 (no changes).
2007-12-23  Per Olofsson* Add Homepage field.
2007-12-23  Per Olofsson* Add Vcs-Git and Vcs-Browser fields for new repository at
2007-12-23  Per Olofsson* Restrict Architecture: to i386 and amd64, as they...
2007-12-23  Per Olofsson* Add debian/watch file.
2007-12-23  Per OlofssonMerge branch 'upstream'
2007-12-23  Per Olofssoninitialize upstream branch origin/upstream upstream/0.1
2007-01-16  Per Olofssonrelease 0.1-2 debian/0.1-2
2007-01-16  Per Olofsson* Replace: pnpbios-tools. Closes: #404995
2006-12-18  Per Olofssonremoved pnpbios-tools stuff from rules
2006-12-18  Per Olofssonno dummy package and no epoch
2006-11-24  Per Olofssonrelease 0.1-1 debian/0.1-1
2006-11-24  Per Olofssonsymlink doc dir
2006-11-24  Per Olofssonmore stuff
2006-11-24  Per Olofssonstuff
2006-11-24  Per Olofssonadd install-mkdirs patch
2006-11-24  Per Olofssonadd install-mkdirs
2006-11-24  Per Olofssonmake install in rules
2006-11-24  Per Olofssonadd prefix-in-makefile patch
2006-11-24  Per Olofssonadd patch support
2006-10-30  Per Olofssonadded copyright
2006-10-30  Per Olofssonimport stuff