2017-12-22  Giuseppe BilottaOpen files in binary mode master
2017-03-31  Giuseppe BilottaEscape filename when passing it to RCS 0.7.3
2014-08-17  Giuseppe BilottaTranscode non-UTF-8 log messages
2014-01-25  Thomas Dickeypatch from Jonathan Neider, with one fixup - the emit_c...
2014-01-25  Thomas Dickeyadd a to-do for symbolic revisions. I label releases...
2014-01-25  Giuseppe BilottaMinor tweaks for expand_keywords
2014-01-25  Thomas Dickeyimplement --expand-keywords option, which replaces...
2014-01-25  Giuseppe BilottaWarn about missing authors in map
2014-01-25  Giuseppe BilottaFramework to ignore files
2014-01-25  Thomas Dickeymake that change a little less ugly by using a procedure.
2014-01-25  Thomas Dickeyflush stdout before stderr writes, avoiding confusion...
2014-01-25  Giuseppe BilottaTypo in comment
2013-11-20  Simon RuderichAlso search hidden directories for RCS files.
2013-11-20  Giuseppe BilottaWe have no --usage flag, it's called help
2013-05-27  Giuseppe BilottaFix date parsing for Ruby 1.9
2012-10-10  Giuseppe BilottaOnly check for empty first diff line if there are diff...
2012-10-09  Giuseppe BilottaSet standard output in binary mode
2012-10-09  Giuseppe BilottaFind the location when the executable is not a symlink
2012-09-27  Giuseppe BilottaCope with empty initial diff lines
2012-09-27  Giuseppe Bilottaauxiliary function to alert of (recoverable) errors
2012-09-27  Giuseppe BilottaVerboser error on malformed diffs
2012-09-25  Giuseppe BilottaSmall introductory blurb on top 0.2.7
2012-09-25  Giuseppe BilottaAdd --version
2012-09-21  Giuseppe BilottaThere can be multiple branches per line, obviously
2012-09-20  Giuseppe BilottaDon't misinterpret `branches`
2012-09-20  Giuseppe BilottaAlways specify from if present
2012-09-20  Giuseppe BilottaFix previous commit
2012-09-20  Giuseppe BilottaFix branch handling
2012-08-27  Nathan Stratton... don't trim "RCS" that is part of longer dir name
2012-08-27  Nathan Stratton... ignore trailing slash on directory argument
2012-08-27  Nathan Stratton... Commit.exports(): use #join (to work in Ruby 1.9)
2012-06-10  Giuseppe Bilottasteal_username: be more Ruby 1.9-friendly
2012-01-16  Giuseppe BilottaSupport deleted files
2011-07-11  Giuseppe BilottaPreserve commit date during coalesce
2011-07-11  Giuseppe BilottaRewrite commit coalescing logic to preserve monotonicity
2011-07-11  Giuseppe BilottaAllow export of main branch for multi-file repos
2011-07-11  Giuseppe BilottaMake branches into a Set too
2011-01-12  Giuseppe Bilottaruby 1.9: Array#to_s != Array#join
2011-01-12  Giuseppe Bilottaruby 1.9: open RCS file with ASCII-8BIT encoding
2010-11-14  Giuseppe BilottaMark TODO about commitid
2010-10-15  Giuseppe BilottaSuggest a simple "git reset" after import
2010-10-13  Giuseppe BilottaAlways coalesce commits if symbols lists are subsets
2010-10-12  Giuseppe BilottaOption to coalesce commits with differing symbol lists
2010-10-12  Giuseppe BilottaSmall help text rewording
2010-10-12  Eric S. RaymondTypo fixes and documentation improvements.
2010-07-25  Giuseppe BilottaHandle fuzzy coalescing errors
2010-07-25  Giuseppe BilottaAtomic merges
2010-06-28  Giuseppe BilottaSkip unhandled commands correctly
2010-06-22  Ben MartinFixed bug when binary file changed in RCS.
2010-06-22  Ben MartinAdded 'expand' to the list of known but unhandled RCS...
2010-04-13  Giuseppe BilottaProper file modes
2010-04-13  Giuseppe BilottaPreliminary support for full-repo export
2010-04-13  Giuseppe BilottaImprove parsing
2009-08-12  Giuseppe BilottaImport entire directories
2009-08-12  Giuseppe BilottaOption to prepend filenames to commit logs
2009-04-04  Giuseppe BilottaSuppress two more warnings
2009-04-04  Ben JacksonFix warning about missing parens around arg
2009-04-04  Giuseppe BilottaBackport Integer#odd? to older Ruby versions
2009-03-28  Giuseppe BilottaFix diff index handling
2009-03-27  Giuseppe BilottaBuild buffer as an array of arrays
2009-03-26  Giuseppe Bilottasanitize buffer after ranges of additions
2009-03-26  Giuseppe BilottaExport all branches for each revision
2009-03-26  Giuseppe BilottaHandle symbolic heads
2008-11-18  Giuseppe BilottaTry to guess the user's name and email
2008-11-17  Giuseppe BilottaDocument config options in usage
2008-11-17  Giuseppe BilottaAlso read config option rcs.tageachrev
2008-11-17  Giuseppe BilottaConfig before command line
2008-11-17  Giuseppe BilottaImprove usage
2008-11-17  Giuseppe BilottaExpand authorsfile path
2008-11-17  Giuseppe BilottaAlso read config option rcs.authorsfile
2008-11-17  Giuseppe BilottaImplement --authors-file option
2008-11-17  Giuseppe BilottaImplement --tag-each-rev option
2008-11-17  Giuseppe BilottaOptions infrastructure
2008-11-17  Giuseppe BilottaImport RCS symbols as lightweight git tags
2008-11-17  Giuseppe BilottaFix branch names
2008-11-15  Giuseppe BilottaInitial commit