Manual: fix page up keys
[tig] / manual.txt
2006-06-14  Jonas FonsecaManual: fix page up keys
2006-06-14  Jonas FonsecaUse tables for the listing of default keybindings
2006-06-14  Jonas FonsecaDocumentation update
2006-06-09  Jonas FonsecaMerge with ssh://diku/~/tig
2006-06-08  Jonas FonsecaAdd ToC to the tig manual
2006-06-08  Jonas FonsecaMisc doc improvements
2006-06-03  Jonas FonsecaImplement the basic controlling of revision graph visua...
2006-05-31  Jonas FonsecaMake 'h' and '?' show built-in key binding quick reference
2006-05-29  Jonas FonsecaSplit out manual material to separate file