Move to the contrib area
[tig] / Makefile
2007-06-22  Jonas FonsecaMove to the contrib area
2007-06-20  Jonas FonsecaDelete the old VERSION file before appending the new...
2007-06-20  Jonas FonsecaUse $(MAKE) instead of 'make' and 'git *' instead of...
2007-06-02  James BowesAllow CFLAGS to be overridden while preserving VERSION
2007-06-02  Jonas FonsecaMerge branch 'jn/rpm-updates'
2007-06-02  Jakub NarebskiRefresh VERSION file when building distribution tarball...
2007-06-01  Jonas FonsecaMake dist rule more robust using '&&'; create .tar...
2007-05-31  Jeffrey C. OllieSupply explicit permission bits to 'install'
2007-05-31  Jonas FonsecaRename sync-docs to release-doc; add release-dist rule
2007-05-31  Jonas FonsecaVarious random Makefile cleanups
2007-05-31  Jonas FonsecaUpdate sync-docs target to use git porcelain instead...
2007-05-31  Jakub NarebskiInfrastructure for tig rpm builds
2007-05-31  Jonas FonsecaMove "static" version info to VERSION file
2007-05-31  Jonas FonsecaAdd version information to man pages
2007-05-31  Jonas FonsecaAdd manpage XSL from git and enhance with literallayout...
2007-05-09  Greg KHMake it possible to install man pages and html files...
2007-03-25  Jonas FonsecaOops, remove -liconv from LDFLAGS
2007-03-25  Jonas FonsecaMerge with master
2006-07-24  Jonas FonsecaCreate directories during make install
2006-07-12  Jonas FonsecaMerge with ssh://
2006-06-14  Jonas FonsecaUse docbook to build manual.pdf; clean *.xml files
2006-06-14  Jonas FonsecaAdd sync-docs rule to update docs in the release branch
2006-06-09  Jonas FonsecaMerge with ssh://diku/~/tig
2006-06-08  Jonas FonsecaInstall HTML files into $(prefix)/share/doc/tig
2006-06-08  Jonas FonsecaAdd ToC to the tig manual
2006-06-08  Jonas FonsecaMisc doc improvements
2006-06-05  Junio C HamanoMakefile: make customization of installation locations...
2006-06-03  Jonas FonsecaAdd strip rule
2006-06-01  Jonas FonsecaMove tig(1) material to tig.1.txt
2006-05-30  Jonas FonsecaRename documentation build rules using s/docs/doc/...
2006-05-29  Jonas FonsecaSplit out manual material to separate file
2006-05-29  Jonas FonsecaMove ~/.tigrc documentation into it's own man page...
2006-05-28  Jonas FonsecaAdd support for setting color options in the ~/.tig...
2006-05-21  Jonas FonsecaAdd -O2 to CFLAGS to get more warnings
2006-05-20  Jonas FonsecaRecord builds with dirty working tree by appending...
2006-05-19  Jonas FonsecaAdd -Werror to the cc debug flags
2006-05-17  Sir RaornFix linking with --as-needed ld(1) option.
2006-05-16  Jonas FonsecaOnly set VERSION to git-describe if .git is available
2006-05-16  Jonas FonsecaYou gotta have a README file
2006-05-16  Jonas FonsecaCheck spelling
2006-05-15  Jonas FonsecaLots of documentation improvements
2006-05-12  Jonas FonsecaSupport for show
2006-05-09  Jonas FonsecaLots of small improvements
2006-04-30  Jonas FonsecaLot's of cleanups and fixes
2006-04-29  Jonas FonsecaTODO's and TODON'T's ... tig-0.1
2006-04-29  Jonas FonsecaPrimitive option parsing; rendering generalizations
2006-04-26  Jonas FonsecaThe pager is begining to work. :)
2006-04-22  Jonas FonsecaExploration
2006-04-11  Jonas FonsecaHalf working prototype
2006-04-10  Jonas FonsecaInitial commit initial