Mark enum_maps and other data tables as const
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2008-03-16  Dominik VogtAdd system-wide configuration file and new config file...
2007-08-22  Jonas FonsecaBuild intermediate tig.o file to fix tig dependency...
2007-08-22  Jonas FonsecaGuard config.h include with HAVE_CONFIG_H
2007-08-22  Jonas FonsecaChange last commit to make tig depend on config.h
2007-08-22  Jonas FonsecaMake tig.c depend on config.h when using configure
2007-08-22  Jonas FonsecaAdd CC to the list of expanded symbols by configure
2007-08-21  Jonas Fonsecaautoconf: check for the AsciiDoc and XmlTo document...
2007-08-21  Steven GrimmAdd autoconf-based build infrastructure for tig