Read tigrc(5) options from git configuration files
[tig] / .gitignore
2008-02-05  Dominik VogtUpdated .gitignore
2007-10-18  Jonas FonsecaIgnore HTML files in general
2007-09-26  Jonas FonsecaAlso ignore generated .md5 files for tarballs
2007-09-23  Jonas FonsecaFix the clean rule to never remove generated doc files
2007-08-22  Jonas FonsecaBuild intermediate tig.o file to fix tig dependency...
2007-08-21  Steven GrimmAdd autoconf-based build infrastructure for tig
2007-07-03  Jonas FonsecaIgnore generated HTML pages
2007-07-03  Brian GernhardtIgnore generated manpages.
2007-05-31  Jakub NarebskiInfrastructure for tig rpm builds
2006-09-04  Jonas FonsecaAdd .gitignore file