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[tig] / INSTALL
2008-05-02  Jonas FonsecaINSTALL: Mention the release notes in the NEWS file
2008-03-17  Jonas FonsecaMake it more clear that use of configure (and autorecon...
2008-02-05  Jonas FonsecaINSTALL: Document the optional documentation tools
2007-08-23  Horst H. von BrandFix INSTALL
2007-08-21  Steven GrimmAdd autoconf-based build infrastructure for tig
2007-06-01  Jonas FonsecaFix typo the INSTALL file
2006-10-30  Jonas FonsecaMerge with master
2006-09-20  Jonas FonsecaINSTALL: mention possible iconv problems and workarounds
2006-06-14  Jonas FonsecaDocumentation update
2006-05-31  Jonas FonsecaMake 'h' and '?' show built-in key binding quick reference
2006-05-29  Jonas FonsecaMove stuff to SITES and INSTALL files