tigrc(5): mention tree/blob view actions; use dash in favour of underscore
[tig] / tigrc.5.txt
2006-09-16  Jonas Fonsecatigrc(5): mention tree/blob view actions; use dash...
2006-09-16  Jonas FonsecaRun the documentation through aspell
2006-09-11  Jonas FonsecaAlso color Acked-by lines
2006-09-08  Jonas FonsecaReplace screen-update action with noop action named...
2006-07-12  Jonas FonsecaMerge with ssh://brok.diku.dk/~/tig
2006-07-12  Jonas Fonsecatigrc(5): Fix keybinding headers
2006-06-14  Jonas FonsecaAdd manual link to SITES; improve/fix SEE ALSO sections
2006-06-14  Jonas FonsecaDocumentation update
2006-05-29  Jonas FonsecaMove ~/.tigrc documentation into it's own man page...