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[tig] / SITES
2007-09-29  Jonas FonsecaSITES: 'Tarballs' is a bit more telling than 'Releases'
2007-03-25  Jonas FonsecaMerge with master
2006-12-04  Jonas FonsecaFix SITES URLs; promote git:// mirror...
2006-10-30  Jonas FonsecaMerge with master
2006-09-20  Jonas FonsecaSITES: Point to pasky's git proxy tig-0.5
2006-07-12  Jonas FonsecaMerge with ssh://
2006-06-14  Jonas FonsecaAdd manual link to SITES; improve/fix SEE ALSO sections
2006-05-29  Jonas FonsecaRemove SITES title so it is more adaptive to where...
2006-05-29  Jonas FonsecaMove stuff to SITES and INSTALL files