Refactor user input handling into separate function
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2009-01-13  Jonas Fonsecatig-0.13 tig-0.13
2008-10-10  Jonas FonsecaAdd bash completion for the blame subcommand
2008-10-07  Jonas FonsecaShow complete shortlog for small releases
2008-09-15  Jonas FonsecaAdd script for preparing release announcements
2008-03-17  Jonas FonsecaMake command line parsing more compatible with gitk
2007-06-23  Jonas FonsecaInclude the tig bash completion script as documentation
2007-06-23  Jonas FonsecaRename contrib/ to contrib/tig-complet...
2007-06-23  Jonas FonsecaFix a few typos in the bash completion
2007-06-22  Jakub NarebskiSimplify naming (versioning) of non-release tig tarball...
2007-06-22  Jonas FonsecaMove to the contrib area
2007-06-22  Jonas FonsecaMove tigrc to the contrib area
2007-06-22  Jonas FonsecaAdd tig bash completion script