Refactor user input handling into separate function
[tig] / tig.1.txt
2009-01-13  Jonas Fonsecatig-0.13 tig-0.13
2009-01-13  Jonas FonsecaIO API: use for the main, log, diff, tree and blob...
2008-04-28  Jonas FonsecaRename the gitlink:[] AsciiDoc macro to manpage:[]
2008-03-23  Jonas FonsecaRemove deprecated options and cleanup option parsing
2008-03-22  Jonas FonsecaAdd blame view
2008-03-17  Jonas FonsecaMake command line parsing more compatible with gitk
2008-03-16  Dominik VogtAdd system-wide configuration file and new config file...
2008-02-05  Jonas FonsecaUpdate manpages to not contain contain so many formatti...
2008-02-05  Dominik VogtAdded examples to tig(1) manpage
2008-02-05  Dominik VogtRemoved trailing whitespace.
2007-10-06  Jonas FonsecaObsolete the cherry-pick action and define as builtin...
2007-09-17  Jonas FonsecaSupport cherry-picking commits in main view to current...
2007-09-13  Jonas FonsecaUpdate documentation
2007-05-30  Jonas FonsecaAdd status view
2006-10-30  Jonas FonsecaMerge with master
2006-09-16  Jonas FonsecaRun the documentation through aspell
2006-09-10  Jonas FonsecaAdd support for tree and blob view
2006-09-09  Jonas Fonsecatig(1): Do not differentiate between git (show|log...
2006-07-12  Jonas FonsecaMerge with ssh://
2006-06-14  Jonas FonsecaAdd manual link to SITES; improve/fix SEE ALSO sections
2006-06-09  Jonas FonsecaMerge with ssh://diku/~/tig
2006-06-08  Jonas FonsecaMisc doc improvements
2006-06-01  Jonas FonsecaMove tig(1) material to tig.1.txt