2006-05-29  Jonas FonsecaMove stuff to BUGS and TODO files; only show BUGS in...
2006-05-29  Jonas FonsecaMove ~/.tigrc documentation into it's own man page...
2006-05-29  Jonas FonsecaUse ~/.tigrc for user configuration rather than ~/.tig
2006-05-28  Jonas FonsecaAdd TODO about keybinding cheat sheet
2006-05-28  Jonas FonsecaEmit more informative error messages when loading ...
2006-05-28  Jonas FonsecaOnly touch the option strings if necessary
2006-05-28  Jonas FonsecaImprove color documentation
2006-05-28  Jonas FonsecaAdd support for setting color options in the ~/.tig...
2006-05-28  Jonas FonsecaMake read_properties take several separator characters...
2006-05-28  Jonas FonsecaOops, fix short help wrt tab size short option
2006-05-28  Jonas FonsecaRename repo config loaders using s/config/repo_config/
2006-05-28  Jonas FonsecaMake read_properties() take FILE *pipe instead of comma...
2006-05-28  Jonas FonsecaDocument the loading time displayed in the title window...
2006-05-28  Jonas FonsecaMake the stop all loading request stop all loading
2006-05-28  Jonas FonsecaNotify that the prompt is unusable while loading
2006-05-28  Jonas FonsecaTab size short option changes from -t to -b
2006-05-27  Jonas FonsecaMinor usability fix: when closing never switch to an...
2006-05-27  Jonas Fonseca"View commands" section becomes "History commands".
2006-05-26  Jonas FonsecaLicense revisited: it's GPLv2 or later
2006-05-26  Jonas FonsecaFix off by one error; makes tags visible again
2006-05-26  Jonas FonsecaWhen updating the title window, move the cursor to...
2006-05-26  Jonas FonsecaFactor out cursor moving
2006-05-26  Jonas FonsecaMake window switching smother; fix blurring of previous...
2006-05-26  Jonas FonsecaNever close backgrounded loads; only clear window when...
2006-05-24  Jonas FonsecaOnly pass on properies with non-zero length names
2006-05-24  Jonas FonsecaRefactor reading of properties from pipes
2006-05-24  Jonas FonsecaLoad config before parsing command line options so...
2006-05-24  Jonas FonsecaMake UTF-8 handling optional but still default
2006-05-24  Jonas FonsecaAdd support for loading repo config
2006-05-24  Jonas FonsecaCleanup see also section
2006-05-24  Jonas FonsecaMove env handling up below option handling
2006-05-24  Jonas FonsecaPut license also in the program header
2006-05-24  Jonas FonsecaRearrange pager_enter logic
2006-05-24  Jonas FonsecaUpdate README; set a less ugly font-family
2006-05-24  Jonas FonsecaIntroduce struct line and use it for view->line
2006-05-23  Jonas FonsecaImprove title updating and remove flickering
2006-05-23  Jonas FonsecaMake update reporting less verbose
2006-05-22  Jonas FonsecaFix spurious resizing of the display (take 2)
2006-05-22  Jonas FonsecaAdd macro for getting number of displayed views
2006-05-21  Jonas FonsecaOnly resize the display when actually required
2006-05-21  Jonas FonsecaFix updating of the main view title when the screen...
2006-05-21  Jonas FonsecaEnd the current update before begining a new one; fixes...
2006-05-21  Jonas FonsecaBind 'j'/'k' to moving up/down; add next/previous reque...
2006-05-21  Jonas FonsecaMove struct commit to appear just above the main view...
2006-05-21  Jonas FonsecaAdd -O2 to CFLAGS to get more warnings
2006-05-21  Jonas FonsecaCache all queries for refs based on ID
2006-05-20  Jonas FonsecaMove git directory assertion to main; don't require...
2006-05-20  Jonas FonsecaIn pager mode, fix entering commit lines from log and...
2006-05-20  Jonas FonsecaRemove old window cycling code from before enter reques...
2006-05-20  Jonas FonsecaAdd simple window stack, tracking view relation ship...
2006-05-20  Jonas FonsecaRemove objsize member from struct commit
2006-05-20  Jonas FonsecaMake Enter in the pager view always scroll
2006-05-20  Jonas FonsecaRecord builds with dirty working tree by appending...
2006-05-20  Jonas FonsecaRemove trailing space; make cursed global static
2006-05-20  Jonas FonsecaMake -h and --help options ouput a help message
2006-05-20  Jonas FonsecaBind '-' to PageUp; raises Mutt compatibility
2006-05-20  Jonas FonsecaStreamline version displaying and show built date
2006-05-20  Jonas FonsecaMake Enter in the main view switch to the split diff...
2006-05-20  Jonas FonsecaAdd preliminary support for UTF-8 handling in the main...
2006-05-19  Jonas FonsecaAdd close view request; bound to 'q' by default
2006-05-19  Jonas FonsecaBind quit to 'Q'
2006-05-19  Jonas FonsecaAdd -Werror to the cc debug flags
2006-05-18  Jonas FonsecaPressing Enter in the diff view will now scroll it...
2006-05-18  Jonas FonsecaRearrange things in the start of the viewer
2006-05-17  Kristian HøgsbergBind 'b' to Page Up, and Space to Page Down
2006-05-17  Jonas FonsecaMake sense of the comment about view->win height
2006-05-17  Jonas FonsecaGroup display functions at the bottom
2006-05-17  Jonas FonsecaRedraw the whole display after toggling line number
2006-05-17  Jonas FonsecaMinor documentation updates
2006-05-17  Sir RaornFix warnings
2006-05-17  Sir RaornFix linking with --as-needed ld(1) option.
2006-05-17  Jonas FonsecaMinor doc and coding style fixes
2006-05-17  Timo HirvonenMark quit() and die() __noreturn
2006-05-17  Timo HirvonenMake some strings "const"
2006-05-17  Jonas Fonsecatig version 0.3 tig-0.3
2006-05-17  Jonas FonsecaMinor documentation fixes; nothing from git-ls-remote...
2006-05-16  Jonas FonsecaAfter seeing Linus' mail further improve revision speci...
2006-05-16  Jonas FonsecaMake the last variables static
2006-05-16  Jonas FonsecaFix File history section number
2006-05-16  Jonas FonsecaMinor fixes
2006-05-16  Jonas FonsecaOnly tig(1) is required by the help view
2006-05-16  Jonas FonsecaOnly set VERSION to git-describe if .git is available
2006-05-16  Jonas FonsecaPut documentation in a branch named release
2006-05-16  Jonas FonsecaYou gotta have a README file
2006-05-16  Jonas FonsecaDocument file history rev limiting
2006-05-16  Jonas Fonseca... and yet more doc ups
2006-05-16  Jonas FonsecaCheck spelling
2006-05-15  Jonas FonsecaFurther improve documentation
2006-05-15  Jonas FonsecaLots of documentation improvements
2006-05-15  Jonas FonsecaImprove documentation; optional tab size; move up/down... tig-0.2
2006-05-14  Jonas FonsecaOnly save commit tag refs; move line type info to view...
2006-05-14  Jonas FonsecaFix file mode diff header handling; fix repo refs
2006-05-14  Jonas FonsecaAdd support for repository references
2006-05-14  Jonas FonsecaOops, no need to #include <readline/readline>
2006-05-14  Jonas FonsecaTry to improve report("")
2006-05-14  Jonas FonsecaImplement support for terminal resizing
2006-05-14  Jonas FonsecaTake commands from the environment
2006-05-13  Jonas FonsecaUse --topo-order; fclose(stdin); space cleanup
2006-05-12  Jonas FonsecaFix title in split view; scroll/move reporting; ...
2006-05-12  Jonas FonsecaFix scrolling when current line is outside of splitted...