Remove *.dir generation
[xorg/xkeyboard-config] / keycodes /
2012-08-28  Daniel StoneRemove *.dir generation
2010-02-20  Jeremy HuddlestonTry #1 to create an "empty" rule.
2008-08-06  Sergey V. Udaltsovimproving build process
2006-10-16  svuRemoving obsolete PowerPC PS2 model
2006-02-21  svuadded evdev b.fd.o#5903
2005-08-06  svuupdating the build process
2004-05-05  svuIvan found dots are not good for us
2004-04-11  svumore automake foo - but still far from building the...
2004-04-10  svumore - but still long way to the first...