Making consistent CTRL+ALT toggle
[xorg/xkeyboard-config] / symbols / group
2011-12-28  Sergey V. UdaltsovMaking consistent CTRL+ALT toggle
2011-12-26  Sergey V. UdaltsovMerge branch 'master' of git+ssh://git.freedesktop...
2011-12-26  Sergey V. UdaltsovSeparating lalt_lshift_toggle option
2011-02-19  Alexandr ShadchinRemove RCS tags
2011-02-11  Van de BuggerOne more layout switcher: LeftCtrl+LeftWin/RightCtrl...
2009-12-21  Sergey V. Udaltsovadded grp(lctrl_rctrl_switch) xkb option
2009-09-30  Sergey V. Udaltsovadded grp:rctrl_rshift_toggle option
2009-04-07  Denis Barbiersymbols/group: add ScrollLock as a group switcher key
2008-11-30  Sergey V. Udaltsovadded win_menu_switch option, b.fd.o#18557
2008-11-22  Sergey V. Udaltsovadded grp(alt_space_toogle), b.fd.o#15772
2008-09-15  Sergey Udaltsovget rid of redundant group(caps_toggle)
2008-04-07  svuadded group(shift_caps_switch), b.fd.o#15383
2008-01-24  svuseparating group(olpc), b.fd.o#14225
2007-09-26  svumassive patch from OLPC
2007-08-28  svurenaming types
2006-10-16  svuadded Alexey Morozov <>
2006-08-30  svusupport alt-caps to toggle groups, b.fd.o#8047
2006-03-23  svuanother attempt to fix RAlt
2005-11-26  svuif you are using some virtual_modifier - refer it properly
2004-09-16  svushift_toggle -> shifts_toggle
2004-09-15  svumake the ctrsl_toggle consistend with the others
2004-09-08  svumore fair comment
2004-09-04  svureorganizing indicators, thanks to Frank Murphy
2004-04-24  pascalAdd Azeri, Canadian and Vietnamese keymaps.
2004-04-19  svuadding all-important option files