Fixed Shift-F10 behaviour
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2010-02-01  Sergey V. UdaltsovDummy changelog file is needed by some tools
2010-02-01  Sergey V. UdaltsovChangeLog is not maintained any more
2009-12-21  Sergey V. Udaltsovadded grp(lctrl_rctrl_switch) xkb option
2009-12-21  Sergey V. Udaltsovadded ru(typewriter-legacy)
2009-11-27  Sergey V. UdaltsovReintroduced the broken bar in the Swedish symbol layout.
2009-11-25  Sergey V. UdaltsovA bit of optimization for symbols/inet
2009-11-24  Octavio AlvarezRemoved thinkpadintl from, since geometry...
2009-11-24  Sergey V. UdaltsovRemoved lt(balticplus)
2009-11-21  Sergey V. Udaltsovadded pl(dvp)
2009-11-18  Sergey V. UdaltsovFixing Ctrl+? for Turkmen layout
2009-10-20  Sergey V. Udaltsovadded Backspace mapping to Sun kbds
2009-10-13  Sergey V. UdaltsovFixed default swiss variant, added legacy variant
2009-10-13  Sergey V. UdaltsovMac-specific Spanish layout dropped
2009-10-12  Sergey V. UdaltsovA Russian Phonetic keyboard layout not found in search...
2009-09-30  Sergey V. Udaltsovadded grp:rctrl_rshift_toggle option
2009-09-29  Sergey V. Udaltsovrelease 1.7
2009-09-15  Sergey V. Udaltsovfixed Sun Type 6 model
2009-09-15  Sergey V. Udaltsovadded dead_tilde to Spanish, to help Portuguese folks
2009-09-08  Gaetan NadonRemove unused .cvsignore file #23776
2009-09-01  Sergey V. Udaltsovrestructured Belarussian variants, made winkeys default
2009-08-28  Sergey V. UdaltsovUpdated Norwegian layout,
2009-08-20  Sergey V. Udaltsovadded caps:numlock
2009-08-18  Peter Huttereradd caps:hyper
2009-08-14  Sergey V. Udaltsovadded it(us)
2009-08-14  Sergey V. Udaltsovadded caps:none option
2009-08-04  Sergey V. UdaltsovAdded TypeMatrix geometries
2009-07-19  Sergey V. Udaltsovfixed accent typing in Vietnamese layout
2009-07-18  Sergey V. Udaltsovfixed gb(colemak), missing mappings added
2009-07-14  Sergey V. Udaltsovadded us(crd) to extras
2009-07-09  Sergey V. Udaltsovupdated bg variants
2009-06-27  Sergey V. UdaltsovAdded 3 exotic us variants: ats, intl-unicode, alt...
2009-06-24  Sergey V. Udaltsovlost CL entry
2009-06-20  Sergey V. Udaltsovadded several mappings in ca(shs)
2009-06-20  Sergey V. Udaltsovmissing 2 mappings added
2009-06-15  Sergey V. UdaltsovFixed ABNT2-specific mapping for the dot key
2009-06-14  Sergey V. UdaltsovAdded XKB model creativedw7000
2009-06-12  Sergey V. Udaltsovadded several symbols to us(altgr-intl)
2009-06-12  Sergey V. Udaltsovadded caps:super
2009-06-09  Sergey V. Udaltsovadded ru(bak)
2009-06-09  Sergey V. Udaltsovlost credits added
2009-06-09  Sergey V. Udaltsovfixed misspelled section name
2009-06-09  Sergey V. UdaltsovFixing 'e with dot below' in ng(olpc).
2009-05-30  Sergey V. Udaltsovsetting explicit TWO_LEVEL for RALT when necessary...
2009-05-24  Sergey V. UdaltsovChanging all references ua(basic) to ua(legacy), closin...
2009-05-18  Sergey V. UdaltsovAdded acute to de(nodeadkeys)
2009-05-12  Sergey V. Udaltsovbumping release number
2009-05-12  Reşat SABIQAdded Crimean Tatar (Crimean Turkish) resource bundle...
2009-05-11  Sergey V. Udaltsovpolished the description for pl(dvorak_altquotes)
2009-05-11  Reşat SABIQAdded Crimean Tatar (Crimean Turkish) layouts again...
2009-05-07  Sergey V. Udaltsovfixed ru(xal)
2009-05-01  Sergey V. UdaltsovAdded ru(phonetic_winkeys), b.fd.o#21474
2009-04-29  Sergey V. Udaltsovfixed locale for kgz, b.fd.o#21451
2009-04-25  Sergey V. UdaltsovThis disables zapping by default, it can be reenabled...
2009-04-23  Sergey V. Udaltsovmaking ua(unicode) default, b.fd.o#21302
2009-04-22  Sergey V. Udaltsovfixing compat rules processing, fixing b.fd.o#8452
2009-04-15  Sergey V. Udaltsovfixed ordering issue on kr, b.fd.o#21211
2009-04-14  Sergey V. UdaltsovAdded gb(extd) layout, b.fd.o#21121
2009-04-14  Sergey V. Udaltsovsmall changes to kg layout, b.fd.o#17505
2009-04-03  Sergey V. Udaltsovnew model cherrybunlim, b.fd.o#21002
2009-04-03  Sergey V. Udaltsovadding accent and other chars to cyr variants, b.fd...
2009-04-03  Sergey V. Udaltsovadded Turkmen layout, b.fd.o#21015
2009-03-17  Sergey V. Udaltsovmore symbols for German layout, b.fd.o#20551
2009-03-16  Sergey V. Udaltsovfixed Kyrgyz layouts, b.fd.o#17505
2009-03-08  Sergey V. Udaltsovadded trust_slimline model, b.fd.o#20513
2009-03-03  Sergey V. Udaltsovuse br(thinkpad) for all thinkpads, b.fd.o#20425
2009-03-02  Sergey V. Udaltsovremoved unneeded from po/,...
2009-02-26  Sergey V. UdaltsovDropping national-specific models abnt2, jp106, kr106...
2009-02-26  Sergey V. Udaltsovadded missing mappings to Finnish layout, b.fd.o#20300
2009-02-25  Sergey V. Udaltsovmissing minus/underscore added to ru(phonetic), b.fd...
2009-02-19  Sergey V. Udaltsovmerged xfree86(jp106) keycodes into xfree86, dropped...
2009-02-14  Sergey V. UdaltsovMerge branch 'master' of ssh://
2009-02-14  Sergey V. Udaltsovadded sn layout, b.fd.o#20004
2009-02-13  Sergey V. Udaltsovadded balticplus, fixed KPDL, b.fd.o#20092
2009-02-13  Sergey V. Udaltsovmissing 2 mappings in evdev, b.fd.o#18854
2009-02-05  Sergey V. Udaltsovreverting the patch by Resat
2009-02-05  Sergey V. Udaltsovadded in(hin-wx), b.fd.o#19753
2009-02-05  Sergey V. Udaltsovadded ru(dos), b.fd.o#19880
2009-02-01  Sergey V. Udaltsovfixed docs url, b.fd.o#9764
2009-02-01  Sergey V. Udaltsovadded battery key to evdev
2009-02-01  Sergey V. Udaltsovintroducing
2009-02-01  Sergey V. Udaltsovfixed meta for fi(smi), b.fd.o#19841
2009-01-30  Reşat SABIQAdding Crimean Tatar (Crimean Turkish) keyboard layouts...
2009-01-28  Sergey V. Udaltsovadded ca(eng), b.fd.o#19707
2009-01-28  Sergey V. Udaltsovadded lv3:enter_switch
2009-01-28  Sergey V. Udaltsovfix Escape in caps:escape, b.fd.o#19795
2009-01-28  Sergey V. Udaltsovmoved braille to brai, according to ISO, b.fd.o#19695
2009-01-28  Sergey V. UdaltsovAdded latitude geometry, b.fd.o#19750
2009-01-28  Sergey V. UdaltsovAdded geniuskkb2050hs
2009-01-28  Sergey V. Udaltsovfixed sun model rules, b.fd.o#15782
2009-01-27  Sergey V. Udaltsovpreparing release 1.5
2009-01-27  Sergey V. Udaltsovfixed . on numpad, b.fd.o#19756
2009-01-27  Sergey V. Udaltsovadded missing character, b.fd.o#19751
2009-01-27  Sergey V. Udaltsovfixed text selection, b.fd.o#14022
2009-01-24  Sergey V. Udaltsovadded SV and US to the country list of latam layout...
2009-01-22  Sergey V. Udaltsovupdated Finnish layout, b.fd.o#18742
2009-01-13  Sergey V. Udaltsovadded misc:typo, b.fd.o#14022
2009-01-12  Sergey V. Udaltsovfix the build
2009-01-11  Sergey V. Udaltsovadded breton variant, b.fd.o#19506
2009-01-11  Sergey V. UdaltsovRemoved unneeded baltic+ variant, b.fd.o#14096
2009-01-11  Sergey V. Udaltsovuse CAPS as BKSP, b.fd.o#19508