Fixed Armenian hyphen
[xorg/xkeyboard-config] / types /
2011-10-16  Sergey V. UdaltsovFix "mac style" numpad
2011-06-15  Sergey V. UdaltsovMove switch VT mapping to 5th level, amending CTRL+ALT
2011-02-19  Alexandr ShadchinRemove RCS tags
2010-05-04  Sergey V. UdaltsovCommented out 2 types used by de(neo)
2010-05-02  Stephan HilbUpdate Neo-layout to the final version, released 2010...
2009-12-11  Tomas HanakEnable Maemo keyboards.
2009-09-08  Gaetan NadonRemove unused .cvsignore file #23776
2008-10-14  Sergey V. Udaltsovreindenting
2008-10-11  Sergey Udaltsovadded numpad:shift3 option, b.fd.o#17110
2008-08-06  Sergey V. Udaltsovimproving build process
2008-04-22  svuoptions for nonbreakspace handling, b.fd.o#9529
2007-10-07  svuEntering SS, b.fd.o#7642
2007-10-07  svuEntering SS, b.fd.o#7642
2007-08-28  svurenaming types
2007-08-10  svumore correct comment
2006-10-07  svuputting numpad after extra in types/*, hopefully fixes...
2006-10-07  svumake partials partials
2006-09-24  svunew French layouts, b.fd.o#8240
2006-09-17  svub.fd.o#8280,b.fd.o#8312
2006-03-21  svuanother iteration in the war with RAlt
2006-01-22  svufixed scrolllock, closed b.fd.o#5635
2005-10-17  svu*** empty log message ***
2005-10-17  svuadding 5th level, adding ca(multix)
2005-10-16  svu*** empty log message ***
2005-08-22  svutiny cleanup
2005-08-06  svuupdating the build process
2005-02-03  svua bit more cleanup in Serbian
2004-09-13  svuno dummy XFree keyword
2004-04-11  svumore automake foo - but still far from building the...
2004-04-10  svufirst feed-in of the layouts. The revolution is coming