2011-11-30  Sergey V. UdaltsovRemoved unneeded .spec
2011-11-29  Sergey V. UdaltsovSmall fixes to Icelandic
2011-11-21  Sergey V. UdaltsovUnneeded language removed from tw default variant
2011-11-20  Sergey V. UdaltsovExtend BackSpace to the 2nd group
2011-11-17  Daiki UenoAdd an option to map Zenkaku_Hankaku to Escape.
2011-11-17  Sergey V. UdaltsovA couple of symbols added to tw layout for Paiwan
2011-10-17  Sergey V. UdaltsovCommented out broken level5 options
2011-10-16  Sergey V. UdaltsovFixed uk(mac)
2011-10-16  Sergey V. UdaltsovImproved description
2011-10-16  Sergey V. UdaltsovFix "mac style" numpad
2011-10-09  Sergey V. UdaltsovSmall fix for cz layout
2011-10-09  Sergey V. UdaltsovImproved descriptions for level3, level5 latches
2011-10-09  Sergey V. UdaltsovBelarussian description: be->by
2011-10-09  Sergey V. UdaltsovAdding some l10n comments
2011-10-05  Sergey V. UdaltsovLevels 2-4 for CTRL+ALT are propagated from level 1
2011-10-04  Sergey V. Udaltsovpreparing emergency 2.4.1
2011-10-01  Sergey V. UdaltsovFixing keys using CTRL+ALT type
2011-09-29  Sergey V. UdaltsovSynced description
2011-09-29  Peter Huttererrules: rename Bengali variants for 'in' to Bengali...
2011-09-27  Sergey V. Udaltsovfixed version number
2011-09-27  Sergey V. Udaltsovpreparing 2.4.0
2011-09-27  Sergey V. Udaltsovsyncing translations
2011-09-15  Sergey V. UdaltsovUpdated Cameroon layout
2011-08-10  Sergey V. UdaltsovThere should not be dead keys in de(nodeadkeys)
2011-08-06  Sergey V. UdaltsovSmall reorganization in ctrl:* option names
2011-08-06  Sergey V. UdaltsovAdded option to use RAlt as RCtrl
2011-07-31  Aldis BerjozaUpdated Latvian Modern layout to lastest stable version
2011-07-25  Sergey V. UdaltsovAdded missing mapping to Estonian
2011-06-28  Daniel StoneCompat: Add grab/window logging actions
2011-06-28  Daniel Stonesymbols/ma: Replace NoAction with NoSymbol
2011-06-15  Sergey V. UdaltsovMove switch VT mapping to 5th level, amending CTRL+ALT
2011-06-15  Peter Hutterersymbols: remove pc(function), srvr_ctrl(fkey2vt) does...
2011-06-13  Sergey V. Udaltsovtemporary man pages should not annoy me
2011-06-13  Peter HuttererUse XSL to generate man page from the rules XML
2011-06-12  Kristof SzaboGerman layout with Hungarian letters added
2011-06-09  Sergey V. UdaltsovRevert "Use XSL to generate man page from the rules...
2011-06-08  Peter HuttererUse XSL to generate man page from the rules XML
2011-06-08  Promathesh... Added four new Bengali Keyboard Layout
2011-06-08  Sergey V. UdaltsovFixed cz(qwerty)
2011-06-05  Sergey V. UdaltsovGot rid of de(qwerty)
2011-06-03  Sergey V. UdaltsovFirst bit of hw information in the database
2011-06-01  Sergey V. UdaltsovBump the version
2011-06-01  Sergey V. Udaltsovfixed descriptions for cm variants
2011-06-01  Vasyĺ V. Vercynśkyjslight improvements of ru(ruu) layout
2011-06-01  Sergey V. UdaltsovAdded de(us)
2011-06-01  Harshula Jayasuriyalk: Change "Sinhala" to "Sinhala (phonetic)"
2011-05-31  Sergey V. UdaltsovPreparing 2.3
2011-05-31  Sergey V. UdaltsovAdded localisation 'ja'
2011-05-31  Sergey V. UdaltsovUpdated translations from TP
2011-05-27  Sergey V. UdaltsovMoved ro(crh_dobruja) to extras
2011-05-24  Stefan DirschMove fake key MDSW to a different keycode value in...
2011-05-18  Sergey V. UdaltsovSmall fix
2011-05-17  Vasyĺ V. Vercynśkyjadded ru(ruu) to extras
2011-05-17  Sergey V. UdaltsovActually it is olpc-phonetic that had to be added
2011-05-17  Sergey V. Udaltsovchanged the version
2011-05-17  Vasyĺ V. Vercynśkyjadded ru(ruu) to extras
2011-05-17  Walter Benderadding olpc-phonetic variant to Armenian
2011-05-16  Walter Benderadding olpc-phonetic layout
2011-05-16  Sergey V. UdaltsovDropped unneeded lt(dvorak)
2011-05-16  Sergey V. UdaltsovAdded lt(us_dvorak) into extras
2011-05-16  Sergey V. UdaltsovFixed some short descriptions
2011-05-15  Sergey V. UdaltsovAdded Cameroon materials
2011-05-15  Sergey V. Udaltsovone more temp file to be ignored
2011-05-15  Marcin WolińskiPolish international with dead keys
2011-05-02  Sergey V. UdaltsovMissing variants for nokia n900
2011-05-02  Sergey V. Udaltsovsyncing descriptions for me unicode variants
2011-05-02  Sergey V. Udaltsovadded se(swl)
2011-04-29  Sergey V. Udaltsovimproved comments for lt(lekp)
2011-04-28  Sergey V. UdaltsovSorting out the licensing issue for lt(lekp) and lt...
2011-04-27  Sergey V. Udaltsovunicode -> Unicode in descriptions
2011-04-27  Sergey V. UdaltsovRemoved licensing nonsense
2011-04-17  Sergey V. UdaltsovSlightly improved algorighm
2011-04-17  Sergey V. UdaltsovA bit more sync in descriptions (for olpc)
2011-04-17  Sergey V. UdaltsovSync descriptions in lv extras
2011-04-14  Sergey V. UdaltsovMoving ca(shs) into extras
2011-04-14  Sergey V. UdaltsovMoving ca(kut) to extras
2011-04-14  Aldis BerjozaUpdate Latvian Modern layout to latest version
2011-04-13  Sergey V. UdaltsovBroken compat mapping removed
2011-04-13  Sergey V. UdaltsovRolling back wrong mapping of AB09 in hu
2011-04-12  Sergey V. UdaltsovFixed Saami back to Northern Saami
2011-04-12  Aldis BerjozaAdded new Latvian keyboard layouts
2011-04-12  Sergey V. UdaltsovSync group names with layout names
2011-04-12  Sergey V. UdaltsovFixed some descriptions
2011-04-06  Sergey V. UdaltsovMissing bracket restored
2011-04-05  Sergey V. Udaltsovbashism eliminated
2011-04-05  Sergey V. UdaltsovFixed runtime deps checking
2011-04-04  Sergey V. UdaltsovUnneeded Crimean Tatar variants removed from Romanian...
2011-04-04  Sergey V. UdaltsovFixed descriptions for Crimean Tatar layouts
2011-04-04  Sergey V. UdaltsovPut consistency into Saami variants (descriptions)
2011-04-04  Sergey V. UdaltsovSmall polish on descriptions, more consistency
2011-04-04  Sergey V. UdaltsovA number of group names synced with rules/base.xml.in
2011-04-03  Sergey V. UdaltsovUpdated group names for all a* files
2011-04-03  Sergey V. UdaltsovTranslations updated for 2.2
2011-04-03  Sergey V. UdaltsovPreparing 2.2
2011-03-27  Sergey V. UdaltsovMajor change in Burmese layout
2011-03-25  Sergey V. UdaltsovPreparing 2.1.99
2011-03-25  William Jon... Improve descriptions (the rest)
2011-03-25  William Jon... Improve descriptions (taiwan)
2011-03-25  William Jon... Improve descriptions (through Nigeria)
2011-03-25  William Jon... Improve descriptions (afghani)