2017-06-02  Aaron Plattnerman: Document the new --filter option master oblomov/master
2017-06-01  Pablo De La... xrandr: Add a "--filter" flag
2017-05-29  Pali RohárDocument format of --dpi option in non-ambiguous way
2017-03-24  Giuseppe Bilottaxrandr: suppress misleading indentation warning
2017-03-24  Giuseppe Bilottaxrandr: document that we accept '--dpi output'
2017-01-26  Mihail Konevautogen: add default patch prefix
2017-01-26  Emil Velikovautogen.sh: use quoted string variables
2017-01-26  Peter Huttererautogen.sh: use exec instead of waiting for configure...
2016-02-23  Aaron Plattnerxrandr 1.5.0 xrandr-1.5.0
2015-10-20  Chris WilsonOnly use the current information when setting modes
2015-07-01  Chris WilsonMark all CRTC as currently unused for second picking...
2015-07-01  Chris WilsonMark disabling an output as a change in its CRTC
2015-04-22  Aaron PlattnerSplit verbose mode printing into a helper function
2015-03-31  Keith PackardAdd monitor support (v2)
2015-03-31  Dave Airliexrandr: don't return NULL from a void
2015-03-30  Dave Airliexrandr: parse property returns correctly.
2014-10-08  Keith Packardkeystone: Report matrix error. Deal with "primary"...
2014-10-08  Keith PackardIncrease keystone.5c default window size
2014-08-02  Aaron Plattnerxrandr 1.4.3 xrandr-1.4.3
2014-08-02  Aaron PlattnerMerge commit '193a358'
2014-08-02  Stéphane AuleryMention of --brightness with -h option
2014-06-25  Connor BehanAllow -x and -y switches to undo themselves
2014-06-25  Connor BehanRemove duplicate printing of the axis
2014-04-30  Dominik Behrxrandr: use full range for gamma table generation
2014-03-29  Thomas KlausnerRemove unnecessary parentheses.
2014-03-27  Aaron Plattnerxrandr 1.4.2 xrandr-1.4.2
2014-03-27  Aaron Plattnerxrandr: document how to disconnect RandR 1.4 providers
2014-03-12  Dave Airliexrandr: allow disconnecting of offload and outputs
2014-02-20  Ville Syrjäläxrandr: Use floating point for VTotal when calculating...
2014-02-20  Ville Syrjäläxrandr: Use more decimal places when printing various...
2014-01-07  Aaron PlattnerSpecial-case printing of the GUID property
2014-01-07  Aaron PlattnerMove EDID printing into a helper function
2014-01-07  Aaron PlattnerSplit output property printing into a helper function
2013-07-17  Alan Coopersmithxrandr 1.4.1 xrandr-1.4.1
2013-07-13  Alan CoopersmithCombine usage message strings
2013-07-13  Alan CoopersmithDeclare capability_name() as returning const char *
2013-07-13  ThomasBug 56923 - Make command line options consistent (singl...
2013-06-02  Thomas KlausnerProtect config.h like usual.
2013-05-06  Andy Ritgerxrandr: calloc XRRModeInfo's passed to libXrandr.
2013-02-28  Aaron PlattnerPrint spaces between XA_ATOM property values
2013-02-12  Aaron Plattnerxrandr 1.4.0 xrandr-1.4.0
2013-02-12  Aaron PlattnerMerge branch 'fixes'
2013-02-12  Aaron PlattnerCast XID to unsigned int to suppress a printf warning
2013-02-12  Aaron PlattnerBug #37043: adjust refresh rates for doublescan and...
2013-02-12  Aaron PlattnerBug #29603: document that there might be multiple prefe...
2013-02-12  Aaron PlattnerBug #14118: print usage() to stdout, proper errors...
2013-02-12  Aaron PlattnerBug #11397: check that numeric --orientation arguments...
2013-02-12  Aaron Plattnerxrandr: Fix variable declaration warnings
2013-02-06  Aaron Plattnerxrandr: look for providers by name or xid
2013-02-06  Aaron Plattnerxrandr: make providers a first-class citizen
2013-02-06  Aaron Plattnerman: document provider options
2013-01-20  Alan CoopersmithFix -Wformat warnings about passing longs where ints...
2013-01-20  Alan CoopersmithMark fatal() and warning() as taking printf-style arguments
2013-01-20  Alan Coopersmithconfig: Add missing AC_CONFIG_SRCDIR
2013-01-16  Colin Waltersautogen.sh: Honor NOCONFIGURE=1
2013-01-16  Adam Jacksonconfigure: Drop AM_MAINTAINER_MODE
2013-01-02  Pierre-Loup... xrandr: print primary output
2012-12-11  Andy Ritgerxrandr: generalize output property printing
2012-12-11  Andy Ritgerxrandr: extend '--set' syntax to allow a comma-separate...
2012-09-03  Dave Airliexrandr: add provider interfaces
2012-08-28  Aaron Plattnerxrandr: Fix string constness bugs
2012-08-25  Andy Ritgerxrandr: compute gamma-correction in [0,2^sigbits)
2012-08-25  Andy Ritgerxrandr: fix gamma == 1.0 && sigbits != 8
2012-08-25  Andy Ritgerxrandr: use 1/gamma to compute gamma-correction
2012-08-23  Eric S. RaymondRunning text interspersed with options prevents DocBook...
2012-05-10  Keith Packardkeystone.5c: cairo-5 box semantics changed default...
2012-04-26  Aaron PlattnerAdd a --scale-from option
2012-03-26  Pierre-Loup... xrandr: move transform limit checking after scaling
2012-02-29  Keith PackardUpdate keystone program to run with new nichrome bits
2011-11-11  Jeremy HuddlestonInclude strings.h for strcasecmp
2011-08-07  Keith Packardxrandr: Preserve current mode when switching crtcs
2011-07-20  Adam JacksonDocument the rarer --newmode flags in --help output
2011-06-30  Alan Coopersmithxrandr 1.3.5 xrandr-1.3.5
2011-05-30  Jeremy Huddlestonfind_mode: Search for the mode closes to the specified...
2011-05-08  Jeremy HuddlestonDead code removal
2011-05-08  Jeremy HuddlestonDead code removal
2011-05-08  Jeremy HuddlestonMark usage, fatal, and panic as _X_NORETURN
2011-01-19  Gaetan Nadonconfig: move man pages into their own directory
2011-01-13  Gaetan Nadonman: replace hard coded man page section with substitut...
2011-01-13  Gaetan Nadonman: remove trailing spaces and tabs
2011-01-12  Gaetan Nadonconfig: replace deprecated AM_CONFIG_HEADER with AC_CON...
2011-01-10  Matthias HopfAdd --current to usage.
2010-10-30  Alan Coopersmithxrandr 1.3.4 xrandr-1.3.4
2010-10-30  Alan Coopersmithconfig: Remove unnecessary calls from configure.ac
2010-10-30  Alan Coopersmithconfig: upgrade to util-macros 1.8 for additional man...
2010-10-30  Gaetan Nadonconfig: update AC_PREREQ statement to 2.60
2010-10-13  Julien CristauCall QueryExtension before any other RandR function...
2010-09-24  Alan CoopersmithBug 29348 - dot clock parameter missing from --newmode...
2010-07-19  Julien CristauBump to 1.3.3 xrandr-1.3.3
2010-07-19  Julien CristauRequire xorg-macros 1.4 for XORG_INSTALL
2010-07-19  Julien CristauKill cvs keyword
2010-04-07  Eric Pielxrandr: get gamma and brightness
2010-04-06  Eric Pielxrandr: fix maximum gamma set
2010-02-11  Gaetan Nadonconfig: move CWARNFLAGS from configure.ac to Makefile.am
2010-01-12  Éric Pielxrandr: fix brightness to prevent gamma to overflow...
2010-01-08  Yann Droneaudxrandr: Remove --clone / --extend support code
2010-01-05  Matthias HopfLanguage fixes.
2010-01-04  Yann Droneaudxrandr: Use a prefix for enum type _policy and _relatio...
2010-01-04  Mikhail GusarovAdd --brightness for CRTC
2010-01-04  Matthias Hopfxrandr: add more information about the transform option...