2014-10-23  Giuseppe BilottaDocument ls, sort help by name master
2014-10-23  Giuseppe BilottaClarify license terms and up version
2014-08-30  David Aguilarzit: add new "zit add" command
2014-08-30  David Aguilarinit: factor out a zitdir_check() function
2014-08-30  David Aguilarlist: make "ls" and alias for "list"
2014-08-30  David Aguilarinit: add missing double-quotes and -n check
2014-01-01  Mike SwansonChange help message to reflect reality.
2013-10-24  Giuseppe Bilottazit version (preliminary)
2013-10-24  Giuseppe BilottaAlign case options with case/esac
2013-10-24  Giuseppe BilottaQuoting fixes
2013-10-24  Giuseppe BilottaError message to stderr
2013-10-24  Giuseppe BilottaOne-liner description at the beginning of the script
2009-12-18  Giuseppe Bilottazit clone command
2009-02-19  Giuseppe BilottaCheck own name for command
2009-02-19  Giuseppe Bilottasupport tig in view
2009-02-19  Giuseppe Bilottazit with command
2009-02-09  Giuseppe Bilottazit view command to fire up gitk
2009-02-09  Giuseppe Bilottazit import command
2009-02-09  Giuseppe Bilottarefactor zitdir initialization
2008-10-25  Giuseppe BilottaShow file status in zit list, and document it
2008-10-25  Giuseppe BilottaUse current Zit or Git dir for exclude file
2008-10-25  Giuseppe BilottaUser .zitignore file
2008-10-24  Giuseppe BilottaCleaner initial repositories
2008-10-24  Giuseppe Bilottazit list supports .zit/* repos
2008-10-24  Giuseppe BilottaAllow storage of repos inside .zit
2008-10-23  Giuseppe Bilottazit-to-git command delegation fixes
2008-10-23  Giuseppe BilottaRemove useless shift
2008-10-23  Giuseppe BilottaSimplify repository structure
2008-10-23  Giuseppe BilottaDraft usage/help
2008-10-22  Giuseppe BilottaZit track = init, tracked = list
2008-10-22  Giuseppe BilottaEarly bailout in case of missing filename
2008-10-22  Giuseppe BilottaZit: delegate all other commands to git
2008-10-22  Giuseppe BilottaZit list command
2008-10-22  Giuseppe BilottaRefactor Zit init
2008-10-22  Giuseppe BilottaRefactor Zit setup
2008-10-22  Giuseppe BilottaZit only works on files in the current directory
2008-10-22  Giuseppe BilottaInitial commit