2009-03-22  Giuseppe BilottaVersion 1.3 master origin/HEAD origin/master v1.3
2009-03-22  Giuseppe Bilottacls: que e prob environments
2009-03-08  Giuseppe BilottaSample .desktop file for drag'n'drop volume creation...
2009-03-08  Giuseppe Bilottacrea_numero.rb: find roman_numerals in script dir
2008-09-05  Giuseppe Bilottacrea_numero.rb: more whitespace cleanup
2008-09-05  Giuseppe Bilottacrea_numero.rb: check the aux to see if bibtex is needed
2008-09-05  Giuseppe Bilottacrea_numero.rb: whitespace cleanup
2008-09-02  Giuseppe Bilottabst: number after vol
2008-07-02  Giuseppe BilottaVersion 1.2 v1.2
2008-07-02  Giuseppe BilottaMake shortauthorstrue compatible with authorline
2008-03-12  Giuseppe BilottaVersion 1.1 v1.1
2008-03-12  Giuseppe BilottaKeep author and address together
2008-03-12  Giuseppe Bilottanoauthor command
2008-03-12  Giuseppe BilottaSubtitle command
2008-03-12  Giuseppe BilottaArticles might have a single page
2008-03-12  Giuseppe BilottaCompile sommario.tex after assembling the volume.
2008-03-10  Giuseppe BilottaVersion 1.0 v1.0
2008-03-10  Giuseppe Bilottadocument additional commands
2008-03-10  Giuseppe BilottaMultiline authors
2008-03-10  Giuseppe BilottaVersion 0.9 v0.9
2008-03-07  Giuseppe Bilottashort author options: shortauthorstrue and shortauthormark
2008-03-05  Giuseppe BilottaVersion 0.8b v0.8b
2008-03-05  Giuseppe Bilottafix bib head space better
2008-03-04  Giuseppe BilottaVersion 0.8a v0.8a
2008-03-04  Giuseppe Bilottasmall bibliography
2008-03-04  Giuseppe Bilottaupdate the date too
2008-03-04  Giuseppe BilottaVersion 0.8 v0.8
2008-03-04  Giuseppe Bilottafix bib section spacing
2008-03-04  Giuseppe Bilottadfn (definition) examples
2007-11-29  Giuseppe Bilottafixes for crea_numero
2007-11-29  Giuseppe Bilottanumber everything consecutively
2007-11-21  Giuseppe Bilottalematema.bst: version 0.2
2007-11-21  Giuseppe Bilottalematema.bst: don't forget the last author
2007-11-21  Giuseppe Bilottalematema.bst: don't alter title case
2007-11-21  Giuseppe Bilottalematema.cls: extra 'if'
2007-11-21  Giuseppe Bilottalematema.bst: no mrnumber
2007-11-21  Giuseppe Bilottalematema.cls: version 0.7 v0.7
2007-11-21  Giuseppe Bilottalematema.cls: ifsubmissiondate conditional
2007-11-19  Giuseppe BilottaForgot to up class version v0.6
2007-11-19  Giuseppe Bilottabst: separate names with ' - ' instead of 'and'
2007-11-19  Giuseppe BilottaSpecific bib style
2007-09-20  Giuseppe BilottaVersion 0.5 v0.5
2007-08-19  Giuseppe Bilottaamsplain bib style
2007-06-12  Giuseppe BilottaAdd @article example with number/issue
2007-06-12  Giuseppe BilottaAdd address in @book example
2007-06-12  Giuseppe BilottaFix some typos
2007-06-12  Giuseppe BilottaAdd another BibTeX entry in the italian example
2007-04-01  Giuseppe BilottaUp class version v0.4
2007-04-01  Giuseppe BilottaFix email
2007-04-01  Giuseppe BilottaFix some layout issues and collect the articles in... v0.3
2007-03-18  Giuseppe BilottaMinor whitespace cleanup
2007-03-18  Giuseppe BilottaVolume index is now fully created
2007-03-18  Giuseppe BilottaMore error checking. Start creation of a volume index
2007-03-17  Giuseppe BilottaBetter language handling
2007-03-17  Giuseppe BilottaAlso compile the bibliographies for the articles
2007-03-17  Giuseppe BilottaThe script now actually compiles the articles. Rename...
2007-03-17  Giuseppe BilottaVolume creation script now extracts author/title data...
2007-03-17  Giuseppe BilottaStart scripting the volume creation
2007-03-17  Giuseppe BilottaMove tests in their own directory
2007-03-07  Giuseppe BilottaInitial work on the workflow: articles now use an exist...
2007-02-07  Giuseppe BilottaAuthor and address
2007-02-05  Giuseppe BilottaBibliography
2007-01-22  Giuseppe Bilotta\titlemark and uppercase title in headers
2007-01-22  Giuseppe BilottaUppercase title
2007-01-22  Giuseppe Bilotta\titlenote
2007-01-22  Giuseppe BilottaUse the mathptmx package for fonts
2007-01-17  Giuseppe BilottaMissing '\fi's
2007-01-16  Giuseppe BilottaTheorem environments, with examples
2007-01-08  Giuseppe BilottaFootnote rule and section style
2007-01-04  Giuseppe BilottaMore detailed comments et al.
2007-01-04  Giuseppe BilottaMSC and Keywords on title page
2007-01-04  Giuseppe Bilotta`Entrato in redazione ...'
2007-01-04  Giuseppe BilottaHeadings and abstract, plus corrections
2007-01-04  Giuseppe BilottaMSC and keywords
2007-01-04  Giuseppe BilottaRemove experimental crud from italian example
2007-01-04  Giuseppe BilottaPage geometry
2007-01-04  Giuseppe BilottaMore detailed italian example
2007-01-02  Giuseppe BilottaInitial commit