2014-07-04  Giuseppe BilottaSkip 1.9 monkeypatches on ruby 2.0 and later master
2014-03-07  Giuseppe Bilottaset default encoding to UTF-8 for Ruby 1.9 apoc/master oldorigin/HEAD oldorigin/master origin/oldmainline
2014-02-20  Matthias H[plugin] insult, small fix
2014-02-20  Matthias H[plugins] random permissions fix
2014-02-20  Matthias H[plugin] googlefight fixed regexp
2014-02-20  Matthias H[plugin] fortune: fixed bin/not-found
2014-02-20  Matthias Hlog fatal/error messages to stderr, but check if daemon...
2014-02-20  Giuseppe BilottaCatch another non-standard error
2014-02-20  Giuseppe BilottaProperly quote salut-italian
2014-02-20  Giuseppe Bilottachucknorris: read gzip stream before passing it to...
2014-02-20  Giuseppe Bilottaquiz: hint presentation fix for ruby 1.9+
2013-12-26  Matthias Heckergettext: change depricated and removed setlocale
2013-12-26  Matthias HeckerRevert "always print FATAL and ERROR logmessages to...
2013-11-15  Giuseppe Bilottaplugins: improve error handling on load
2013-11-14  Matthias Heckertwitter: filter ret.latest status if non specified apoc/twitter-htmlfilter-fix
2013-11-14  Matthias Heckertwitter: changed filter title, to only contain usr
2013-11-14  Matthias Heckertwitter: fixes the htmlfilter used by url plugin
2013-11-14  OblomovMerge pull request #20 from 4poc/ssl-verify
2013-11-14  Matthias Heckeralways print FATAL and ERROR logmessages to STDERR apoc/ssl-verify
2013-11-14  Matthias Hallow to verify ssl connections against a CA.
2013-11-11  Giuseppe Bilottadict: update oxford url
2013-11-02  Matthias Hruby 2.0.0: better fix for the ThreadError
2013-11-02  Matthias Hruby 2.0.0: changes sigtrapping, fixes ThreadError
2013-11-02  Matthias Hruby 2.0.0: fix for changed @waiters in compat19
2013-11-02  Giuseppe BilottaSolve Socket vs URI IPv6 handling in Ruby
2013-11-02  Giuseppe Bilottaruby 1.9+: specify file encodings
2013-11-02  Matthias Heckerurban: updated pattern
2013-08-19  Matthias Hurban: urbandictionary.com changed markup, fixes regexp apoc/urban-fix
2013-08-19  Matthias Hazgame: fix pattern to check search results apoc/azgame-url-fix
2013-08-18  Matthias Hazgame: catch scraping error
2013-08-18  Matthias Hfixes azgame: changed dictionary url
2013-07-19  Matthias Hdocument requirements of the twitter plugin apoc/new-twitter-api11
2013-07-19  Matthias Hupdates the twitter plugin to use the new api 1.1
2013-04-29  Giuseppe Bilottanote: dup the keys, not the registry gfax/master
2013-04-28  Giuseppe Bilottanote: if is more readale than unless here
2013-04-28  Jay Thomasnote: added date to timestamps gfax/note_plugin_fix
2013-04-28  Jay Thomasnote: added config option to privmsg all notes
2013-04-27  Jay Thomasnote: skip merging nil keys
2013-04-26  Jay Thomasnote: upgrade old registry keys on initialize
2013-04-26  Jay Thomasnote: store nicks case-insensitive to avoid lost messages
2013-04-25  Ryan WaldronFix parsing whois results so that we can get valid...
2013-04-25  Ryan WaldronFix multibyte char in rake task
2013-04-25  Ryan WaldronFix TCPSocket name
2013-04-25  Jay Thomassearch: updated Wolfram Alpha method to comply with api
2013-04-25  Jay Thomasutils: fixed secs_to_string output for one-element...
2013-04-25  Jay Thomasextends: updated shuffle method
2013-01-30  Giuseppe Bilottasearch: wolfram fix
2013-01-21  Giuseppe Bilottarss: protect against nil field erebor/master
2012-12-19  Giuseppe Bilottaimdb: fix for the check of the final /
2012-12-19  Matthias Himdb: plugin updates for recent site changes
2012-09-27  Giuseppe Bilottabdb: message when wrong bdb module is loaded gitorious/master
2012-09-26  Giuseppe Bilottalastfm: match latest API changes
2012-09-21  Giuseppe Bilottapoll: usual gettext frozen string issues
2012-09-21  Giuseppe Bilottapoll: handle privately-asked polls
2012-09-21  Giuseppe Bilottapoll: restart/close polls that were running
2012-09-21  Giuseppe Bilottapoll: oopsie in the gettext string for poll status
2012-09-14  Giuseppe Bilottasearch: improve ddg output with missing sources github/master
2012-09-14  Giuseppe Bilottasearch: thread the new engines too
2012-09-14  Giuseppe Bilottasearch: rbot-ize wolframalpha
2012-09-14  Giuseppe Bilottasearch: preliminary Wolfram Alpha support
2012-09-13  Giuseppe Bilottasearch: some ddg reworking
2012-09-13  Giuseppe Bilottasearch: be more rbot-ish in ddg
2012-09-13  Giuseppe Bilottasearch: preliminary duckduckgo support
2012-09-10  Giuseppe Bilottachucknorris: typo
2012-09-10  Giuseppe Bilottasearch: fix google calc scraping
2012-08-31  Giuseppe Bilottamarkov: be more robust about flaky dbs
2012-08-31  Giuseppe Bilottabdb: restore errors should be logged as errors
2012-08-31  Giuseppe Bilottasearch: update for changes in google's html
2012-07-14  Giuseppe BilottaUpdate gettext support
2012-06-21  Giuseppe Bilottatumblr: escape the non-range dash in the group regex
2012-05-14  Giuseppe Bilottasearch: fix google oblomov/master
2012-05-14  Giuseppe Bilottautils: support hex HTML entities
2012-04-30  Giuseppe Bilottadb adaptors: nil internal variable when closing
2012-04-30  Giuseppe Bilottaquakeauth: notify when identified
2012-03-26  Giuseppe Bilottaweather: use proper units text when using config option
2012-03-20  Giuseppe BilottaForecast plugin patch
2012-03-04  Giuseppe BilottaRubyGems obsoleted *and* b0rked all_load_path, try...
2012-03-03  Giuseppe Bilottahttputil: work (sub-par) without iconv
2012-03-03  Giuseppe BilottaDocument iconv dependency
2012-02-01  Giuseppe Bilottamath: ruby wants leading 0s to floating points numbers
2012-01-25  Giuseppe Bilottasearch: fix gcalc
2012-01-23  Okasugreed: prevent players from going twice in a row
2011-12-26  Giuseppe Bilottagreed: refactor and prepare for more complete play
2011-12-26  Giuseppe Bilottagreed: stylistic changes
2011-12-26  OkasuAdd a Greed dice game.
2011-12-26  OkasuGooglefight plugin fix
2011-12-21  Giuseppe Bilottatwitter: preliminary status htmlinfo filter
2011-12-21  Giuseppe Bilottatumblr: fix 'tumblr configure' regexps
2011-12-08  Giuseppe BilottaImprove first par detection without hpricot
2011-12-07  Giuseppe Bilottamarkov: mention learn in summary help
2011-12-04  Giuseppe Bilottamarkov: document 'learn from <file>'
2011-10-24  Giuseppe Bilottadict: oxford fix from AndrewNTH
2011-10-24  Giuseppe BilottaExit for good when getting a DBFatal error
2011-09-26  Matthias -apoc... imdb plugin: again fixes outdated ratings pattern
2011-09-22  Giuseppe BilottaUNO: prevent player from replaying a misplayed card
2011-09-15  Giuseppe BilottaBetter handling of akills and other form of disconnections
2011-09-15  Giuseppe Bilottayoutube: not all urls have v= as first CGI param
2011-08-30  Giuseppe BilottaAn unparseable message from the server is a ServerError
2011-08-28  Giuseppe Bilottabasics: UI command to send NOTICEs
2011-08-28  Matthias -apoc... fix for imdb, changed patterns for ratings&genre