2011-06-28  Ricardo ZanmarAdded benchmarking code and updated TODO master
2011-06-27  Ricardo ZanmarYet another bug fix on zscalemax
2011-06-27  Ricardo ZanmarFixed bug on the histogram calculation.
2011-06-27  Ricardo ZanmarFixed a bug in datamin calculation.
2011-06-27  Ricardo Zanmarfits file is read one time less
2011-06-22  Ricardo ZanmarThe script I used to format ds9's SLS color table
2011-06-22  Ricardo ZanmarAdded color support and negative
2011-06-13  Ricardo ZanmarPrevent the log of 0 value. 0.97 value is constant
2011-06-05  Ricardo Zanmarhistogram based min max values. environment vals
2011-06-04  Ricardo ZanmarA fits loader for the imlib2 library.