descriptionQComicBook patches by Giuseppe "Oblomov" Bilotta
ownerGiuseppe Bilotta
last changeTue, 3 Jul 2007 23:46:02 +0000 (01:46 +0200)
2007-07-03  Giuseppe BilottaFix navigation in twoPagesSpread mode stripview
2007-07-03  Giuseppe BilottaTwo-pages spread behaviour is now regulated by the...
2007-07-03  Giuseppe BilottaAdd options to control the behaviour of spreads in...
2007-07-03  Giuseppe BilottaStart a two-pages mode options group
2007-07-03  Giuseppe BilottaAdd simple (and ugly) strip mode icon
2007-07-02  Giuseppe BilottaRound up scaled height when merging strips in stripes
2007-07-02  Giuseppe BilottaStrip mode settings are now fully customizable and...
2007-07-02  Giuseppe BilottaStrip Mode is now optional
2007-07-02  Giuseppe BilottaImprove sequential navigation when reading strips
2007-07-02  Giuseppe BilottaComicImageView now builds a single striped image from...
2007-07-02  Giuseppe BilottaImlibImages now allow other images to be added to them...
2007-07-01  Giuseppe BilottaIsolate calculation of stripe sizes
2007-07-01  Giuseppe BilottaupdateImageSize() now takes the whole ImlibImageList...
2007-07-01  Giuseppe BilottaPass ImlibImageLists over to the view
2007-07-01  Giuseppe BilottaMake jumpToPage strip-aware
2007-06-30  Giuseppe BilottaHandle second-page spreads in two-page mode differently.
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