Refactor user input handling into separate function
[tig] / asciidoc.conf
2008-04-28  Jonas FonsecaRename the gitlink:[] AsciiDoc macro to manpage:[]
2008-04-10  Jonas FonsecaFix AsciiDoc replacing -- in --with-libiconv
2008-04-06  Jonas FonsecaUse sans-serif font for the README page
2008-02-05  Jonas FonsecaReplace the manpage XSL workarounds with AsciiDoc conf...
2007-05-31  Jonas FonsecaAdd version information to man pages
2006-06-14  Jonas FonsecaCSS fix: s/monospaced/monospace/
2006-06-14  Jonas FonsecaDocumentation update
2006-06-09  Jonas FonsecaMerge with ssh://diku/~/tig
2006-06-08  Jonas FonsecaMisc doc improvements
2006-04-29  Jonas FonsecaTODO's and TODON'T's ... tig-0.1
2006-04-22  Jonas FonsecaExploration