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ownerGiuseppe Bilotta
last changeSun, 22 Feb 2009 18:33:18 +0000 (19:33 +0100)
2009-02-22  Giuseppe BilottaPopup menu: redraw as needed master
2009-02-22  Giuseppe BilottaPopup menu
2009-02-22  Giuseppe Bilotta'tig branch' opens tig in branch view
2009-02-22  Jonas FonsecaUse menus with the commit subject to present selectable...
2009-02-22  Jonas FonsecaAdd simple support for showing menues and use it for...
2009-02-21  Jonas FonsecaRestore the branch view position after refreshing
2009-02-21  Jonas FonsecaFix reloading of references to not cause access to...
2009-02-21  Giuseppe BilottaPredefined external command: git commit
2009-02-21  Giuseppe BilottaFix previous/next with branch+main view
2009-02-21  Jonas FonsecaAdd support for sorting branch entries by name, date...
2009-02-21  Jonas FonsecaAdd support for sorting tree entries by name, date...
2009-02-21  Jonas FonsecaBranch view: fix loading to handle when two branches...
2009-02-20  Jonas FonsecaUse temporary variable in refs loop in main_draw
2009-02-20  Jonas FonsecaMinor fix to always sort even if allocation fails in...
2009-02-20  Jonas FonsecaAdd primitive branch view
2009-02-20  Jeff KingAdd missing NULL in blame_grep
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11 years ago tig-0.9.1 tig version 0.9.1
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