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ownerGiuseppe Bilotta
last changeFri, 2 Jun 2017 00:29:49 +0000 (10:29 +1000)
2017-06-02  Aaron Plattnerman: Document the new --filter option master oblomov/master
2017-06-01  Pablo De La... xrandr: Add a "--filter" flag
2017-05-29  Pali RohárDocument format of --dpi option in non-ambiguous way
2017-03-24  Giuseppe Bilottaxrandr: suppress misleading indentation warning
2017-03-24  Giuseppe Bilottaxrandr: document that we accept '--dpi output'
2017-01-26  Mihail Konevautogen: add default patch prefix
2017-01-26  Emil use quoted string variables
2017-01-26  Peter use exec instead of waiting for configure...
2016-02-23  Aaron Plattnerxrandr 1.5.0 xrandr-1.5.0
2015-10-20  Chris WilsonOnly use the current information when setting modes
2015-07-01  Chris WilsonMark all CRTC as currently unused for second picking...
2015-07-01  Chris WilsonMark disabling an output as a change in its CRTC
2015-04-22  Aaron PlattnerSplit verbose mode printing into a helper function
2015-03-31  Keith PackardAdd monitor support (v2)
2015-03-31  Dave Airliexrandr: don't return NULL from a void
2015-03-30  Dave Airliexrandr: parse property returns correctly.
6 years ago xrandr-1.5.0 xrandr-1.5.0
7 years ago xrandr-1.4.3 xrandr-1.4.3
8 years ago xrandr-1.4.2 xrandr-1.4.2
8 years ago xrandr-1.4.1 xrandr-1.4.1
9 years ago xrandr-1.4.0 xrandr 1.4.0
11 years ago xrandr-1.3.5 xrandr 1.3.5
11 years ago xrandr-1.3.4 xrandr 1.3.4
11 years ago xrandr-1.3.3 xrandr 1.3.3
12 years ago xrandr-1.3.2 xrandr 1.3.2
12 years ago xrandr-1.3.1 xrandr 1.3.0
13 years ago xrandr-1.3.0 xrandr 1.3.0
13 years ago xrandr- xrandr
13 years ago xrandr- xrandr
14 years ago xrandr-1.2.3 xrandr 1.2.3
15 years ago xrandr-1.2.2 Xrandr application version 1.2.2
15 years ago xrandr-1.2.1 Xorg RandR utility version 1.2.1
4 years ago parse-doc-fixes
5 years ago master
4 years ago parse-doc-fixes
5 years ago master